What makes us the Best Choice for your next pre-owned Subaru!

We hear it all the time from our customers, that they really like our business model, so we thought we would put it in writing what they, our customers like, what we designed to offer a better value and What Makes us the Best Choice for your next pre-owned Subaru.

Our Business Model Facts: What Makes us the Best Choice for your next pre-owned Subaru.

Let’s start with why we chose Subaru for the Brand to represent and specialize in: As an independent Auto Dealer we are allowed to sell all makes and models, unlike the Franchise Auto Dealer who must be approved by the manufacturer and only represent that one manufacturer brand per location. They generally sell new and not that many pre-owned vehicles. The Franchise Dealer generally sends their pre-owned trade ins to the licensed auction for the state licensed pre-owned (used) auto dealers to purchase and put on their lot.   All Wheel Drive Motors is NOT your typical pre-owned Auto Dealer.  The other pre-owned Auto Dealers that have been doing this for multiple generations, sell all makes and models with no added value over the next Auto Dealer down the road. Not us, we started over 10 years ago and we researched the best brands of preowned vehicles. Subaru ended up at the top of our list for here in Colorado.  As you see on any Subaru TV commercial, they get top honors with IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety), yes, the crash test dummies.  They have the Best all-wheel drive system per consumer reports, (symmetrical) see Wikipedia, this system acts more like a true 4wd system, powering all 4 wheels at one time when needed, computer adjusted and always on, so no delay when needed. Most of the other brands AWD systems only power 2 or 3 wheels at any one time (one or both rear wheels depending on system and 1 front wheel, which toggles power back and forth to the front wheels, never getting all 4 wheels at one time, plus there is a delay before it kicks in, reducing safety and performance. Subarus are better for safety, performance, low cost to maintain, and high mile vehicles, yes, they are a Japanese brand like Honda and Toyota. We see these average over 350k miles of life and with the low cost for parts and to maintain they truly are a great value. Plus, we almost forgot to mention great fuel economy too.  Most AWD vehicles do not get great fuel economy, but Subarus do and are closer to the fuel economy of a non-all-wheel drive vehicle. Yes, Subaru makes the most sense for Colorado or just about anywhere.

Top 10 Facts About All Wheel Drive Motors

  1. Best Prices within 500 miles of Denver, we get asked all the time how our prices are so much lower than our competitors and with all the VALUE ITEMS WE INCLUDE that others don’t, like Automotive Technician Inspected and Serviced, optional  Service Plans, Free Carfax Report, Free Carfax 1 Year Buy Back Guarantee, etc.  The answer is simple, we make less per vehicle, but sell more than double the vehicles per month compared to our competitors of the same size. Our business model is High value vehicles with High sales volume and Low profit margins.  This provides our customers with the overall best value. You may find a like type vehicle for the same price, but not with all the VALUE items we include, or vice versa, you may find a vehicle with some or all the value items, but then the price is higher. Yes, we give you both Low Price and High Value! To ensure this we use various industry pricing tools and update our prices weekly to make sure we are not just offering competitive pricing, but “VERY COMPETITIVE PRICING”.  These industry pricing tools show us that our prices average in the Top 10% Best Prices for our Subarus within 500 miles of Denver. That said, our prices are firm and no haggle prices. We want your buying experience to be the best it can be while being respectful of your time, as we know your time is valuable.  So, since we research our prices on a weekly basis, we are confident we are offering the best price we can on each vehicle combined with the service we did to that vehicle. Every vehicle on our lot has a No Haggle Price Tag and Info Pack.  Best Price, Time Saving, Easily Available Vehicle Info, Full Transparency and Straightforward!

  2. Largest Selection of Pre-Owned Subarus in the State of Colorado, most likely in the entire country as well, but we only researched the State of Colorado.  However, Colorado is one of the top states in Subaru sales volume, so yes, most likely the Largest Pre-Owned Subaru Selection in the Country. We have a minimum of 100 Subarus on our lot at any one time and most likely closer to 150. They are not all listed online as our sales volume is high with limited space, but if you come by the lot and see our onsite inventory, you will see some vehicles with a price tag that mentions “Coming Soon” on it. These are vehicles that are not online yet as they have not been serviced yet, but you can secure that vehicle by putting a 10% deposit on that vehicle, then that vehicle moves to the front of the service schedule, and you can usually come and driveaway with it within a few days. Having this large selection of pre-owned Subarus is a huge time saving value to our customers. If they come to our lot to see a certain Subaru they saw online, but after seeing it was not for them, then there are many other like type choices to choose from.

  3. Optional 3 Month/3000-Mile to 30 Month/30,000 Mile Nationwide Service plans Available,, We now present an optional service plan that is truly a "Huge" benefit. Through our partnership with a reputable third-party provider, you can enjoy coverage across three primary categories, along with towing reimbursement for your vehicle. And the best part? You can access this valuable protection for just $13 per month, and yes, it’s nationwide so you can take your vehicle to a service provider of your choice anywhere in the country. We like this Service Plan Provider as they pay your mechanic shop directly, unlike most others who make you pay and wait 8 weeks or longer for reimbursement. They do not have a lot of fine print as they only have a 2-page agreement, so straight forward, easy to understand terms. Although it does not cover everything, it does cover the 3 main categories that you would want covered, (1) Major Items, engine, transmission, Transfer case, drive axles, etc., (2) External Components, I like these to light bulb type items.  As with a light bulb you never know when it is going to burn out, it just does, well items on your car can be the same way, there is no way to inspect wear and tear on these items, they just stop working, and our included nationwide service plans covers a lot of these items, Alternators, AC Compressors, Fuel Pumps, Power Steering Pumps, etc.  (3) Highly Used Items, like Door Locks and Switches, Window Motors and Switches, Mirror Motors, and Switches, etc. (See Service Contract for Details). Again, we include this on all Qualified vehicles, which is 99% of our inventory. Most of our competitors sell the same type of vehicles at the same price and they are being sold “AS IS” with no service plans or service plan included or offered. We are the BEST VALUE!!!

  4. Subaru Auto Technician Inspected and Serviced, we inspect all our Subarus by our 10 Fulltime Auto Technicians that specialize and work only on Subarus, so they naturally get a better knowledge base about the Subaru’s they work on compared to an Auto Technician that works on everything.  I think the term is “A Jack of All trades and a Master of None”, Not Us! We are the Masters of Subarus! Our Auto Technicians get to know which Year and Model has certain vulnerabilities and the best way to address those vulnerabilities.  When to use OEM parts and when aftermarket parts are better. We do a couple of things here to reduce your risk when buying a used Subaru, (1) 120-point maintenance inspection that covers basic maintenance items, for example but not limited to, fluids, brakes, belts, hoses, etc. (2) We test drive the vehicles for 5 miles to see if any warning lights are on or come on, examples would be rattles, abnormal engine noise, transmission shifts properly, drives straight with proper alignment, etc. We know this does not always guarantee a 100% problem-free vehicle, but it far reduces your probability of futures issues compared to our competitors who do nothing to service or inspect the vehicle prior to being sold. (See number 5 below)

  5. No one is 100% perfect, and we certainly don’t claim to be. Our goal with all the noted value points on this sheet is to reduce your risk when buying a used Subaru. It would be impossible to make it 100% risk free and if anyone is claiming that they are most likely not being truthful.   Please keep in mind these are “Used Vehicles”, and it is impossible to check over 1 million parts on every vehicle.  With all the extra items noted on this sheet that we do compared to our competition; some serviceable items do not present themselves on these test drives or inspections. However, they could after your purchase. This is another area where we step up and our competitors fall short. We offer our customers two areas to resolve these issues.
  1.  An optional 3 month/3000 Miles Nationwide Limited-Service Plan is offered.   (As noted in number 3 above)

  2. 30-Day Wholesale Parts and Service with no profit added. If we missed an item or items that are not covered by our included 3 month/3000 miles limited-service plan, then we will offer to repair the item(s) that presented themselves after the sale and within 30 days of the sales at our wholesale cost with no profit added. Most of our competitors sell their vehicles with a “AS IS” status, meaning if anything comes after the sale you are on your own to get it repaired and most likely at Full Retail Pricing, which can be as high as 4 to 5 times wholesale pricing.  Again, another area that separates us from our competitors.

  1. Free Carfax Reports, In an effort to offer full transparency and to show you the most comprehensive report on the vehicle’s history for many areas, including, but not limited to, service history, accidents, damages, title type, location the vehicle lived, Airbag Deployment, Structural Damage, Odometer Accuracy, etc., etc., etc. There are many vehicles reports you can purchase, but Carfax is the Top in the industry, and we offer to you free of charge. We have nothing to hide, and they do not either.  We would never purchase a vehicle without reviewing a Carfax report.  The other reports are ok, but do not stand behind their report like Carfax does (see number 7 below). Our Buying Team who purchases all vehicles to offer for sale use the Carfax reports before they decide to purchase that vehicle to be placed for sale on our lot. This ensures we are not purchasing vehicles for sale that have unknown major problems.  This is just one more area that we add value compared to others.

  2. 1 Year Buy Back Guarantee, All Wheel Drive Motors has met the requirements to be a qualified Carfax Advantage Dealer and as such, 99% of our vehicles qualify for a One-Year Buyback Guarantee from Carfax. When a qualified vehicle is purchased from a qualified Carfax Advantage Dealer, you will get a printed certificate from Carfax stating if Carfax missed to represent items that were reported by US Division of Motors Vehicles, such as Severe Damage/Salvage Title, Flood, Fire, Hail, Odometer Discrepancy, Lemon History, plus more, Carfax will buy the car up to one year from date of purchase. (View Terms and Conditions for CARFAX Buyback Guarantee coverage). We like this as it defeats the comment that you cannot believe the Carfax report, so Carfax put their money where their mouth is and backs up what they report. As we know, not many companies do that today.

  3. Info Packs in every vehicle and Premium Service Sign, our inventory team ensures all vehicles on our lot have our straightforward, no haggle price tag in every vehicle, as well as our Premium Service Sign, and Info Packs which provides all the items we serviced, copy of the Sales Ad, Carfax report, all packaged together and placed on the vehicles dashboard, designed to give you all the info you need and help save you time.  The Premium Service Sign lets you know if we just completed a Premium Service on that Subaru.  These can include a Service Package that has a NEW Timing Belt Kit, Head Gaskets, 32 other Engine Seals and Gaskets, Tune Up and Oil Change, we do quite a few of these, so internally we refer to the as “Combo 1”, also there are Rebuilt Engine, Lower Mile Used Engine as the engine generally dictates the life of the vehicle, if the vehicle has higher miles on it and the engine has failed we replace it with either a used lower mile engine or a fully rebuilt engine with all new internal parts.  These Subarus now have a great benefit to increase the life of the vehicle.   These Premium Service Packs signs are placed on the dashboard of every vehicle that requires one.  Watch for these signs when visiting the lot and looking at vehicles.

They Include:

  1.  Combo 1, Timing Belt Kit, Improved Triple Layer Head Gasket Kit, 32 other Engine Seals and Gaskets, Platinum Tune Up, Oil and Filter
  1. Timing Belt Kit, with Timing Belt, Water Pump, Cog Pulley, Idlers Pulley, and Belt Tensioner. When we do this service, we always do the complete kit as a timing belt failure 50% of the time was not the belt, but the other components of the kit and can cause major engine failure to require full engine replacement.
  1. Lower Mile/Newer Engine, this is a great value on a higher mile vehicle, now with a lower mile engine.  The engine generally dictates the life of the vehicle and with a lower mile engine, greatly increases the life of the vehicle.  It does not change the odometer and the vehicle title status stays the same as a “Clean Title”, plus we fully service these engines with a new platinum tune up, seals and gaskets, oil and filter, so it is ready to just drive and maintain from here forward. We also add a 6 Month/6000 Mile engine warranty with our shop (not nationwide).
  1. NEW Rebuilt Engine, the best value as this is essentially a new engine s all the internal moving parts are replaced with new, such as, but not limited to Piston and Rings, Bearings, Crankshaft, Gaskets, Seals, Spark Plugs, Fluids, and much more.  Again, the Vehicle Title status and Odometer remain the same, but now you have a vehicle with A LOT of LIFE left. Yes, we also include the 6 Month/6000 Mile Warranty with pour shop on this engine as well.

  1. Easy, Onsite, Financing, You can fill out a credit application online on our website to speed up your time when you arrive. Simply fill out the “No Obligation Credit Application” on our website and we can get you pre-approved before you even come in. We partner with all types of financial lenders for people in all different levels of credit, so no matter your credit score, income, time at your current residence, time of employment, there is a great chance we can get you approved. One of our many financial partnerships is with Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) so we can submit your credit application once and get responses from multiple credit unions at a very competitive rate and in a short amount of time.  Generally, in 20 minutes or less. We also do financing with your bank if you prefer.  We will give you or send your bank the info sheet they need to do the loan with them. This is also a very simple and quick process and, in most cases, can be done the same day
  1. High Value, Low-Cost Business Model, Some Dealers have some of the benefits noted above but few or none have all!  At All Wheel Drive Motors we wanted to offer the consumer better value for a pre-owned vehicle purchase. As mentioned above, over 10 years ago, and after extensive research the Owner, not being from the Auto Industry wanted to offer vehicles with a Higher Value and a Competitive Price to the consumers compared to the average used car lot. To do this he knew he needed to specialize in one brand (Subaru’s) and by doing so would have efficiencies and consumer benefits (see 1 through 9 above) that would not be available from other pre-owned vehicle business models. This business model allows:
  1. Auto Technicians to become specialized , knowing the vehicles year and models, that have certain problems and the best way to address those problems.

  2. Purchase Vehicles at better prices, most used vehicles are trade ins from New Car Dealers, the New Car Dealer sends those to auction that State Licensed Pre-Owned Dealers attend to purchase inventory for their used car lot.  By allowing our Team of Buyers to only focus on Subarus, we know what vehicles are bargains and which ones are not, providing the better Subarus with a cost savings that is passed on to our customers.

  3. Lower Profit Margins, our profit margins average less than half of the average pre-owned auto dealer. We can do this by having a higher-than-normal sales volume. We make it up in Sales Volume. We average close to 100 vehicle sales a month.

  4. Sales Consultants are on a flat rate compensation plan.  They are not motivated, like other dealerships to sell you a higher priced vehicle or higher profit vehicle, allowing them to focus on a vehicle that best suits your needs.

We hate the term Win/Win, as it is overused, but this is correct for All Wheel Drive Motors and its Customers.  The customer gets a vehicle with a Better Price with the largest pre-owned Subaru selection in the state that has been Test Driven, Inspected, Serviced, Carfax and Service Plan options by people that know Subarus. This allows our dealership a profitable business model providing jobs in our community to people who care about what they do. No one is getting rich, but yes, this business model works for both the consumer and company. This was done by design.

Thank you for your Business!
All Wheel Drive Motors

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